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Xinxiang Tianrui Hydraulic Equipment CO LTD is a professional manufacturer specializing in design manufacture sale of industrial filters and filter elements We provide reliable filtration components and devices for various filtration systems in the aviation marine railway mining machinery agricultural machinery petrochemical metallurgical systems power electronics machinery manufacturing and other industries Main products Hydraulic filter assemblies housing elements Notch wire element vacuum pump filter elements stainless steel filter elements sintered filter elements Coalescer and separator cartridge dust collector and other customized filter elements at the request of customers Equipped...

Categories and Products

Custom Filter Element

Glass Fiber Filter Element

Organic Polymer Composite Glass Fiber Oil Filter Element Custom Industrial Glass Fiber Oil Filter Element Glass Fiber Pleated Oil Filter Element RYLX100A-005P-T Hydraulic Fiberglass Oil Filter Element 

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Element

PLASSER Stainless Steel Mesh Hydraulic Filter Element Customized Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Element Stainless Steel Woven Mesh Return Oil Filter Element Stainless Steel Welded Filter Elements Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Pleated Filter Element Pleated Stainless Steel Oil Filter Element High Performance Stainless Steel Filter Elements RYLX100A-010W-T Hydraulic Stainless Steel Mesh Oil Filter Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Filter Element Oil Filter ZU-H160*20FC Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Disc Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Disc Basket Stainless steel Cone Filter Mesh Weld Structure Stainless Steel Oil Filter Disk Oil Removal Impurities Custom Metal Mesh Filter Element 

Cellulose Paper Filter Element

Cellulose Paper Filter Element Customized 10μm Filter Paper Oil Filter Element Oil Paper Filter Kerosene Filter Element DL-300 

Candle Filter Element

Candle Type Oil Filter Element Replacement Boll Candle filter element for Marine industry 3-10418 ME LO Automatic Back-Flushing Candle Filter Stainless Steel Wire mesh Filter Candle Element 

Basket Filter Element

Oil Removal Basket Filter Element All Weld Stainless Steel Basket Filter 80MSV20500 Stainless Steel Mesh Filter Cartridge 

Polyester Melt Filter Elements

Polyester Melt Disc Pressure Leaf Filter Element Washable Stainless Steel Polyester Melt Filter element 

Hydraulic Filter Assemblies

High Pressure Filter

YPH Series High Pressure Inline Filters High Pressure Hydraulic Filter Inverted Plate Type High Pressure Line Filter ZU-H160x3BDP High Pressure Hydraulic Filter YPH420-005W High pressure Oil Filter Element HBX-100X5 420Bar High Pressure Pipeline Filter Housing YPH240 Hydraulic Pipeline Stainless Steel Oil Filter YLQ-227 In-line Pressure Filter Last Chance Filter HM5000C20NAH Gas Turbine Engine Oil Pressure Filter HM5000C12NAH Engine Lube Oil Filter Last Chance Filter HM5000C08NYH Hydraulic Filter YPH060E7FT2B5 High Pressure Line Filter Oil Filter Housing YPH110E7FT2B5 High Pressure Filter Aluminum Filter Housing 420bar High Pressure Filter Strainer Inverted Plate Type Stainless Steel Filter Housing YLQ224 High Pressure Line Filter YPH060E7FT2B5 Stainless Steel Filter YLQ219-003W Replace UR219 Filter High pressure Oil Filter YPH110E7FT2B5 High Pressure Line Filter YPH160E7FT2B5 Pressure Line Oil Filter Element HBX-100X5 Hydraulic High Pressure Oil Filter Element HX-63X3 

Medium Pressure Filter

YPM Series Medium Pressure Filters Medium Pressure Hydraulic Filter PMA Series Midium Pressure Hydraulic Filter Medium Pressure Hydraulic Filter YPM160E5MD1B6 YPM160S5TME1B6 Medium Pressure Petrol Oil Line Filter YPM 240S5TRV1B6 Medium Pressure Petrol Line Filter YPM 330S5TRV1B7 medium pressure petrol line filter YPM 060S5TRC1B4 medium pressure petrol line filter YPM 110S5TMP1B4 medium pressure petrol line filter Hydraulic Oil Filter YPM420 Medium Pressure Filter Strainer Medium Pressure hydraulic Filter YPM160E5MD1B6 Assembliy FMQ240E5MC2M6 Up-Drawing Core Pressure Filter Medium Pressure Inline Filter LF Filter Housing Oil Filter YLQ-229A Replace Inline Filter LF BN/HC 060 IC10 Medium Pressure Inline Filter PMA030MV10B3 Pressure Filters 

Low Pressure Filter

PLA Series Low Pressure Filters Low Pressure Hydraulic Filter Replacement Hydraulic fluid Low Pressure Filter LPF160 Low Pressure Fuel Oil Filter RYL22-S3-010W Low Pressure Fuel Oil Filter RYL22-S3-100W PLA Series Low Pressure Line Filter Element LAX660ME1 PLA Series Low Pressure Line Filter Element LAX660RD1 PLA series low pressure line filter element LAX330ME1 PLA Series Low Pressure Line Filter Element LAX330FC1 PLA Series Low Pressure Line Filter Element LAX240FD1 PLA Series Low Pressure Line Filter Element LAX240RV1 PLA Series Low Pressure line Filter Element LAX160RC1 PLA Series Low Pressure Line Filter Element LAX160FT1 PLA Series Low Pressure Line Filter Element LAX030MS1 PLA Series Low Pressure Line Filter Element LAX060FV1 Low Pressure Fuel Oil Filter RYLA-32-E3-003W-F RYLA32E3003WF Up-Drawing Core Low Pressure Fuel Filter Aviation Fuel Filter RYLA20 Low Pressure Filter Engine Tester RYL22-S3-010W Low Pressure Oil Filter Strainer Hydraulic Filter DYL66-010W-S3-M7 Low Pressure Line Filter 

Suction Filter

TF Series Tank Mounted Suction Filters ISV Series Suction Hydraulic Filter WU Series Hydraulic Oil Filter Suction Filter High Performance Stainless Steel Oil Suction Strainer Oil Filter Element WU-100X100-J Suction Strainer WU-100X80-J Suction Oil Filter Steel Mesh Filter WU-160X100-J Hydraulic Suction Filter Oil Pump Suction Oil Filter WU-225X40-J Pipeline Suction Oil Filter Strainer ISV40-160X100 100 MICRON Oil Suction Filter ISV25-63X100 TFX-400X180 Hydraulic Suction Oil Filter Element WU-400X80F-J Hydraulic Intake Oil Filter Element 100 Microns Metal Mesh Hydraulic Oil Filter TFX-800X100 Oil Filter Element WU-25X180-J Suction Filter Water glycol Suction Filter Element WU-40X180-J 

Return Filter

RFA Series Tank Mounted Return Filters DYL Return Hydraulic Filter Tank Hydraulic System Return Oil Filter RFA-160x10LY FAX-100X10 Hydraulic Return Oil Filter Element High Efficiency Oil Filter Element FAX-250X10 Air Fan Filter Element FAX-400X20 Lube Oil Filter Magnetic Inline Return Oil Filter CJS-4-30X10P FAX-160X10 Mining Machinery Oil Filter Element RFA Tank Mounted Return Oil Filter Element FAX-630X10 FAX-1000X10 Excavator Oil Return Filter Element Machinery Oil Filter Return Filter Element FBX-400X10 RF-240x10L-Y Hydraulic Oil Filter Return Filter 

Notch Wire Element

Notch Wire Filter

Stainless Steel Wire Wound Oil Filter Cartridge Marine Filter K8E Strainer Notch Wire Element Automatic Backwash Marine Bunker Oil Notch Wire Element Ship M/E F.O. 2ND Strainer Notch Wire Element Notch Wire Filter Element Cartridge M.E F.O Automatic Filter Notch Wire Element AF210TF Stainless Steel F.O Notch Wire Type Filter AF210TP Stainless Steel Notch Wire Element Filter AF150RM Stainless Steel Notched Wire Filter Element 

Wedge Wire Screen Filter

Wedge Wire Screen Filter Element Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Filter Cartridge Weld Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Filter Element Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Basket Filter Cartridge 

Replacement Filter Element

PALL Filter Element

Replacement Pall Hydraulic Oil Filter Element HC0961FKT18H HC9020FDT4H Replacement Hydraulic Oil filter Cartridge Equivalent Pall Lube Oil Filter Element HC9600FDT4H Alternative High Pressure Oil Filter Element HC9021FDP4H Industrial Filter Element HC8914FKP13H Hydraulic Oil Filter Replacement HC8300FKT39H Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement HC8700FKN4Z Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement HC8900FKP16H Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement HC9021FDP8H Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement HC9100FKS8Z Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement HC2296FKT18H Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement HC8300FKP16H Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement UE319AP8Z Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement UE319AP13Z Hydraulic Filter Element Mineral Oil Filter HC9100FKS4H Filter Element HC8314FKZ16H Hydraulic Oil Filter Machinery Lubrication Oil Filter Element HC9020FKP4H 

HYDAC Filter Element

Replacement Low Pressure Hydac Filter Element 1300R010BN4HC 1300R010BN4HCB4-KE50 Hydraulic Filter Element High Pressure Hydraulic Filter Element 0660D020BN3HC Oil Filter Cross Reference 0060D005BNHC Hydraulic Element Machinery Part Cartridge Filter 0250DN010BN4HC Oil Filter Equivalent Lubrication Oil Filter Core 0660R010BN4HC 50 Micron Stainless Steel Mesh Oil Filter 0330R050WHC Fiber Glass Hydraulic Filtration Oil Filter 0990D010BN3HC 0060D010BH3HC Hydraulic Filter Element 0110D010BNHC Hydraulic Filter Element 0160D005BH3HC Hydraulic Filter Element 0330R010BNHC Hydraulic Filter Element 1000RK010BNHC Hydraulic Filter Element Replace Low Pressure Filter Element 1300R010BN4HC/-B4-KE50 Hydraulic Suction Strainer SFE11G74A1.0 Oil Filter Element In-Tank Suction Strainer Element Filter SFE11G125A1.0 Stainless Steel Mesh Oil Suction Strainer SFE15G74A1.0 Hydraulic 1/2`` NPT Suction Oil Filter SFE15G125A1.0 200 Microns Oil Filter Cartridge 0160D200WHC 0160R020BN4HC Hydraulic Pressure Return Oil Filter Core 

MAHLE Filter Element

Replacement Mahle Oil Filter Element 852888DRG25 PI 17104 Screw Thread Interface Oil Suction Filter Interchange Oil Filter Element PI3111SMX10 For Power Plant Replace Pleated Glass fiber Oil Filter Element PI23010RNPS10 Pressure Return Oil Filter Element 852127SMXVST10 Mobile Filter Unit Replacement Element 78225898(852761smx6) Replacement PI3205SMXVST10 Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement PI3208SMXVST10 Hydraulic Filter Element Mineral Oil Filter Element PI8345DRG40 Hydraulic Filter Rolling Mill Hydraulic System Filtration Element PI8445DRG60 Casting Machine Lubrication Equipment Oil Filter PI8430DRG60 Mechanical Equipment Hydraulic Filter Element PI8530DRG100 Modern Hydraulic System Low Pressure Filter Element 852761PS6 

REXROTH Filter Element

Replacement Rexroth Hydraulic Filter Element R928006917 ABZFEN0240101XMA Hydraulic Metal Filter Cartridge Paper-Making Machinery Oil Filter Element R928006816 20030G10A000P Hydraulic Filter Catridge 10145AS6A000P Hydraulic Filter Catridge 

TAISEI KOGYO Filter Element

Replacement Taisei Kogyo Hydraulic Oil Filter Element TAISEI KOGYO Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element Mineral Oil Suction Strainer SFT-16-150W Oil Filter Oil Tank Suction Filter Element SFT-24-150W 

EPE Filter Element

Replacement EPE Oil Filter Element 11401G25A000P D-68775 hydraulic oil filter element Replace Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 20030G25A0V0P 218G40A000P Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 2225H10XL-AOOH Hydraulic Oil Filter Element 

PARKER Filter Element

Replacement Parker filter element 932624Q Parker GO1281 Filter Element Compressed Air Particulate Filter Elements 3PV25-130 Carbon Adsorption Element Filter Element AV25-130 Industrial Filtration Hydraulic Oil Filter Cartridge PR3327 Pleat Fiberglass Lubrication Oil Filter Element 976191 10MFP Portable Filter Carts Filter Element 937399Q Cellulose Particulate Air Filter Elements 3PWC15-070 

INTERNORMEN Filter Element

High Performance Replacement Internormen Oil Filter 306608 300281 Oil filter cartridge MN-300231 Oil Filter Cartridge 306608 Oil Filter Cartridge 306609 Oil Filter Cartridge Replace Hydraulic Oil Filter 300373 In-line Filter Element 312638 Oil Filter Catridge 

FILTREC Filter Element

Replacement Filtrec Hydraulic Oil Filter Element D111G10AV FILTREC Replacement Filter Element 

STAUFF Filter Element

Replacement Stauff Hydraulic Oil Filter Element STAUFF Replacement Filter Element 

Mp Filtri Filter Element

Replacement MP Filtri oil filter element CU850M25N Hydraulic Oil Filter CU850M25N Hydraulic Oil Filter CU250M25N Hydraulic Oil Filter MPA430G1M250 Filter Element CU250A25N Hydraulic Oil Filter Cartridge Machinery Oil Filter CU250M25N Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Hydraulic Lubrication Oil Filter Element CU850M25N 

OTHER Filter Element

Replacement Fluidtech Oil Filter Element 20.060.L1-P Argo Replacement Filter Element Replacement P SRF C 05/25 Filter Element Compressed Air Filtration Precision Filter P-SRF C 05/25 Replacement HIFI SH68181 Filter Element Replacement MANITOU 602096 Filter Element Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element WU-100X80 Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element WU-160X100J Hydraulic Suction Oil Filter Element WU-225X40J Hydraulic Suction Oil Wire Mesh Filter Element WU-225X80G-J Hydraulic Suction Oil Wire Mesh Filter Element WU-250X80F-J Types Of Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Hydraulic Oil Filter TZX2-40x20W Return Line Filter Element Marine Industry Oily Water Separator Filter Element Board Ships Oily Water Separator Filter Cartridge Custom Magnetic Filter Element Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element Wu-160x80J Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element Wu-160x180J Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element Wu-100X100J Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element Wu-100X180J 

Aviation Equipment Spare Parts

RYL Fuel Filters

Low Pressure Fuel Filter Aviation System RYL Series High Flow Fuel Filter 

QL Air Filters

Aviation Equipment Air Filter Aviation Equipment Gas Filter QL-3A Aviation Equipment Air filtration Filter QL-M16 

YL Hydraulic Oil Filters

Aviation Hydraulic Equipment Filter Aviation Equipment Oil Filter YL-7A Pressure Line Filter Aviation System Hydraulic Filter YL-28S Pressure Filter Aircraft Industrial Hydraulic Filter YYL-3M Aircraft Equipment Spares Oil Filter YL-28 

Filter Elements

Aviation Equipment Filter Element Efficient Filtration Aviation Equipment Oil Filter Element Replace Aviation Fuel Monitor Filter Cartridge FG-I-633-2 Efficiency Pleated Paper Fuel Filter Cartridges MP1LX3 

Valves And Fittings

Reducing Valve in Aviation Equipment Globe Valve YSF-16 Needle Type Manual Stop Valve YSF-6 Pressure Release Valve YSF-14 Directional Release Valve YSF-6G Pressure Release Valve Stainless Steel Hydraulic Screw Switch Stop Valve YSF-16 Stainless Steel Aviation Valve Manual Stop Valve YSF-6A 

Vacuum Pump Filter Element

BUSCH Vacuum Pump Filter Element

High Performance Vacuum Pump Filter Element Replacement Busch 0532140158 Vacuum Pumps Filter Cartridge Equivalent Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter 0532140160 Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter 0532140159 Vacuum Pump Oil Separator Filter 0532140157 532.303.01 Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Vacuum Pump Filter Element 532.302.01 Exhaust Filter Filter Element 532.304.01 Vacuum Pump Oil Separator Vacuum Pump Air Filter 532140152 Exhaust Filter Element Vacuum Pump Filter Element 0532140156 Oil Mist Filter 0532140155 Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Separator Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Element 0532140154 Exhaust Filter 0532140158 Vacuum Pump Oil Separator 

BECKER Vacuum Pump Filter Element

Replacement Becker Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter 9654160000 Replacement Becker Vacuum Pump Filter Element 

LEYBOLD Vacuum Pump Filter Element

Replacement LEYBOLD Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Element 

RIETSCHLE Vacuum Pump Filter Element

Replacement RIETSCHLE Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter 7314680000 Replacement RIETSCHLE 731401 Vacuum Pumps Filter Cartridge Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Separator Filter 731400-0000 Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter 731400 Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter Oil Mist Filter 731399 Vacuum Pump Oil Separator Filter 731630 

Other Vacuum Pump Filter Element

Replacement Rotomils Vacuum Pump Exhaust Filter 606869 Replacement Rotomils Vacuum Pump Filter Element 

Sintered Filter Element

Sintered Metal Powder Filter Element

Sintered Metal Powder Filter Element Sampling Probe Sintered Stainless Steel Powder Filter High Porosity Sintered Copper Powder Filter Element Sintered Metal Filter Element Copper Sintered Filter Sintered Stainless Steel Fly Ash Filter Elements 

Sintered Mesh Filter Element

Multilayer Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Element Stainless Steel Sintered Mesh Filter Element 

Sintered Fiber Felt Filter Element

Sintered Fiber Felt Filter Element Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt Filter Stainless Steel Sintered Felt Oil Filter Element Stainless Steel Sintered Felt Basket Type Oil Filter 

Other Sintered Filter Element

Polypropylene Sinter Compressor Filter Element Equivalent Oil Mist Separator Filter MFK 032 39.4 

Coalescer And Separator Cartridge

Coalescer Cartridge

Microglass Oil-Air Separator Cartridge Equivalent Coalescer Cartridge Filter Element CS604LGH13 Replacement Filter Jet Fuel Coalescer Cartridges CAA56-5SB Compressed Air & Gas Filter Coalescing elements 6CV25-130 Coalescer Filter Cartridges I-644A4TB for Aviation High Pressure Filters Coalescing Filter Element 10CWC15-070 Compressed Gas Filter 4CWC15- 070 Coalescing Element 

Separator Cartridge

Separator Cartridge Filter Element Equivalent Water Separator Cartridge Filter SO636C 

Injection Moulding Machine Filter and Element

Injection Moulding Machine Filter Element Injection Moulding Machine Filter BU50 Filter Element B50 Casted aluminum Bypass Oil Cleaner BU100 Oil Filter Filter Housing BU30 Bypass Oil Filter 

Railway And Mine Equipment Filters

Railway Filters

Railway Supercharger Fine Filter Element Railway Locomotive Paper Air Filter K2691 Stainless Steel Sintered Fiber Felt Oil Filter For Train Porous Cellulose Media Air Filter Cartridge For Train Train Air Braking System Air Dry Cartridge 

Mine Equipment Filters

Mine Equipment Filter Element Replace Atlas Copco Dust Collector Filter 3214623901 Coal Mining Equipment Back Flush Filter Element 

Dust Collector

Mine Equipment Dust Collector Filter Element Shot Blasting Machine Polyester Tapered Dust Filter Dust Filter 3222332081 Replacement Air Filter 120x900mm Dust Collection Filter Cartridge Air Filter Cartridge 57-8792D-B Dust Filter Element 

Water Filter Element

Stainless Steel Water Filter

Stainless Steel Water Filter Element High Performance Stainless Steel Water Filter Cartridge 

PP Water Filter

Polypropylene Water Filter Element Pleated Polypropylene Water Filter Cartridge Pleated PP Water Filter Element 

String Wound Filter Cartridge

String Wound Water Filter Element Cotton String Wound Water Filter Cartridge 

Oil Purifier

LYC-A Two Stage Oil Purifier

Easy-Shift Gear Oil Recycling Filter Machine Engine Oil Filter Machine LYC-50A Oil Filter Cart 

LYC-B Three Stage Oil Purifier

LYC-B Three Stage Oil Purifier Machine Movable High Precision Used Oil Purifier LYC-32B 

FLYJ-S Stainless Steel Explosion-proof Oil Purifier

Aerospace Stainless Steel Explosion -Proof Oil Purifier Stainless Steel Explosion-Proof Oil Purifier FLYJ-50 

ZL-Q Vacuum Oil Purifier

Distillation to Filter Free Carbon Vacuum Oil Purifier High Viscosity Transformer Oil Vacuum Oil Purifier ZL-20Q 

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