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Water Filter Element

We attempt for Water Filter Element,Water Filter,In Line Water Filter,Inline Water Filter We sincerely do our best to provide the ideal service for the many consumers and businessmen.
China Water Filter Element Suppliers

For Water Filter Element, the filtration mechanism in depth style filter cartridges depends on cross sectional thickness of cartridge. When the fluid flows across the filter media, the contaminants get trapped within the matrix of the media. The thickness imparts large dirt holding capacity for trapping the contaminants. It traps larger particles near the surface & smaller particles within the filter matrix
It is available in various micron ratings, in standard lengths of 10", 20", 30" & 40" and various end cap configurations to fit standard filter housings. We offer lower pressure drop, reduces replacement time. Our water Filter Elements have high dirt holding capacity and increased service life, they can be used in process, industries, residential water, printing inks etc.

water filter element