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Types of High Pressure Filters

High pressure filters usually refer to filters with working pressure of 320bar and above. We mainly provide three types of high pressure filters, YPH series high pressure filters(420bar), PHA series High Pressure Filter(420bar) and HM5000 series filters(320bar). This article mainly introduces YPH series high Pressure Filters.


YPH series high pressure filters are installed in the pressure pipeline of the hydraulic system to filter the solid particles and colloidal impurities in the working medium and effectively control the pollution degree of the medium.

Technical Data

Operating medium: mineral oil, emulsion, water-glycol, phosphate ester (resin-impregnated paper just for mineral oil)

Operating pressure (max): 42MPa

Operating temperature:- 25℃~110℃

Indicating pressure drop: 0. 7MPa

Filtration rating: 3 microns to 60 microns

Filter material: glass fiber, filter paper, stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel sintered fiber felt.

Filter head material: Aluminum forgings

Filter housing material: Aluminum forgings

Ordering Information

high pressure filter


42mpa high pressure filter


High pressure filter housing

Tell us the following information, we will recommend the appropriate filter for you

1. Filter media

2. Working Pressure

3. Connection Size

4. Filtration accuracy (microns)

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