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Hydraulic Filter Media Type

Any fluid power system must use a Hydraulic Filter. These devices filter out contamination in fluids and keep the system running smoothly. Although most of these environments are closed, the plastic and rubber particles in the wear machine will always fall off, or dust and dirt will enter the circuit. Rusting or other oxidation may occur and harmful compounds may form in the medium. Since more than 85% of system failures are caused by contamination, it is important to have high quality hydraulic filters.

The Media Type of Hydraulic Filters,

Hydraulic filters come in a variety of materials: stainless steel wire mesh, glass fiber, cellulose paper and 80/20. They may have multiple layers and different backings to meet predetermined performance criteria. Depending on their materials and structure, they may be able to capture surface and/or deep contamination. Look at the different types of hydraulic filters here.

1. Stainless steel wire mesh filters. Due to the limitations of the size and structure of stainless steel wire, such filters cannot filter out very small particles. The main advantage of stainless steel wire mesh filters are that they have a longer service life than other types because they can be cleaned and reused. They are usually used in conjunction with hydraulic oils, coolants and lubricants.

2. Glass Fiber media hydraulic filters. They are made by bonding a microglass fiber material to a resin that is randomly placed into a multilayer composite. Due to the finer weaving and the presence of multiple layers, this type of filter is more effective at capturing fine particulate matter and has a greater dirt holding capacity than a wire mesh filter. They are used in systems that are particularly sensitive to contamination, such as servo valves and piston pumps.

3.Cellulose paper media filter. The cellulose paper hydraulic filter is made of resin impregnated Cellulose Filter media, then pleated and assembled into a finished product. Although it is not as effective as microglass, it does not have too much dirt, it is relatively inexpensive and can be recycled when it is no longer useful.

4.80/20 media filter. The 80/20 hydraulic filter is made from a cellulose polyester blend that provides better moisture resistance, longer life and lower pressure drop than traditional paper filters.

Regardless of which option you choose, be sure to purchase a high-quality hydraulic filter to suit your system's needs to keep it running smoothly and to avoid malfunctions.

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